Here I'll attempt to show the current status of PaulOS3's development. It is split into sections.

PaulOS3 Core Functionality

PPE (PaulOS Program Executable) Engine / Interpreter

The byte-code interpreter engine is in the code and actually works as it is. All that is required now is to finish designing the instruction set and actually impliment the instruction set once it is designed.

GUI system

There is some basic functionality, but it is limited at best. Windows can be shown and dragged about and that's about it. Functions exist for driving an individual menu but not for collecting them together to make a menu system or attach them to a window. This function gets used directly for driving the desktop menu, much like it will be for right-click context senesitive menus in programs.

Standalone mode

This is not yet implimented at all. Don't even ask.

Host specific

Windows specific

Windows has by far got the best "drivers" written. This includes the fastest of all the working drivers, the Allegro driver. There is also a SDL based driver and an FLTK based driver.

Linux specific

The Linux version uses FLTK to provide it's graphics and mouse support. It is faster then the windows FLTK version, but slower than the windows SDL and Allegro versions.

Linux support will often be broken, since Windows is my primary development platform. Generally I get things to work in Windows, and then have to use lots of #ifdef _WIN32 and #ifdef LINUXes to get things working in Linux again.

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