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Paul-Software consists of one man, me, Paul Milliken. I am twenty years old and a student at the University of Surrey (England). I am currently on an industrial placement year as part of my course, working at the HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) as an Asistant Analyst.

I may be studying for a Mathematics degree, but I also have a strong computer programming background. I first programmed on an Amstrad CPC464 when I was about four or five years old. (Of course, when I say programmed, I mean I typed in the examples from the manual. It was about a year later when I was five or six that I first made my own program from scratch.) I now program primarily in C, but also dabble in Java and C++. I am a very competent programmer in Basic, and have done quite a lot of work in VisualBasic. I have some skills at Pascal and a (very) basic knowledge of Delphi.

As a part of my placement year, I have learnt has to use the SAS System for performing various data related tasks. The primary database that I work with totals just over 5 gigabytes.

One of my specialaties is to quickly knock together a working prototype in VisualBasic, with the intention of coming back to it and re-coding it in C, only to have to work perfectly and get used full-time.

Skill/qualification list

  • Programming in (to various degrees of skill):
    • Basic
    • VisualBasic
    • C
    • C++
    • Java
    • Pascal
    • Delphi
    • PHP
    • SAS
  • Play the Euphonium
    • Officially to grade 3 standard
  • Basic graphics processing (programming):
    • Image compression/decompression (VB and C)
    • "Real-time"-ish scaling/rotation (C)
  • Basic audio processing (programming):
    • Audio compression (Basic - unfortuantely, lost the source. Will re-do at some point in C)
    • Simple audio effects
  • Hack-'n'-slash electrition (rigging up various connections between multiple stereos, TVs, computers and other equipment